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Padre Steve’s White Christmas

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,
In keeping with the season I am continuing to post Christmas music. Tonight is an updated and hopefully improved version of an article I did last year on the song White Christmas. It is a song which is not only a staple of Christmas appreciated by people of all walks of life and faiths, but also the most recorded song in the history of music.
So I hope you enjoy my dive into the just a few of the renditions of the song in a number of genres.
Have a great night,
Padre Steve+

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I don’t do much singing nor do I play a musical instrument but I have been listening to nothing on the radio the past several days except Christmas music on the Sirius XM Sounds of the Season channel. I have stopped, for the next couple of weeks listening to sports talk radio, news and political commentary and even my beloved 1970s music. One song that appears quite regularly is the classic is Irving Berlin’s White Christmas which was first recorded by Bing Crosby for the 1942 film Holiday Inn. The song was released shortly after the Pearl Harbor attack by Crosby and has become a staple of Christmas.



It is really quite Amazing, the song is the most recorded song on this planet, and possibly even on the Klingon Home World in the future, of course it will be the Twisted Sister Version that makes number one on…

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