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Friends of Padre Steve’s World, I hope today finds you coin well on this 2nd Day of Christmas. Today is the anniversary of the relief of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. As such today I am simply doing a re-post and edit of an old article about General Anthony McAuliffe’s immortal reply to the German demand of surrender. NUTS! Peace and blessings, Padre Steve+

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Brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe

On December 16th 1944 the German Army launched an assault in the Ardennes Forrest completely surprising the thinly spread American VIII Corps.  The German 6th Panzer Army, 5th Panzer Army and 7th Army attacked and forced the surrender of 2 regiments of 106th Infantry Division, mauled the 28th Division in the center of the American line while battering other U.S. forces.  To the north the 2nd and 99th Infantry Divisions were tenaciously defending Elsenborn Ridge while to the south the thinly spread 4th Infantry and 9th Armored Divisions resisted the 7th Army advance. As elements of the two German Panzer armies advanced west Eisenhower dispatched his only reserves the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions to meet the threat. The 82nd moved to the town of St Vith to aid the 7th Armored Division while the 101

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