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Padre Steve’s Look at Christmas Rhythm and Blues

Friends of Padre Steve’s World. I am in that Christmas music mood so instead of re-iventing the shell I updated an article from last year. The links are all working as of today, I had to replace a couple. So I hope you enjoy this and other Christmas music articles that I write or re-publish this year. If you want take a look and listen to yesterday’s Padre Steve’s Rockin’ Christmas.
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R&B Christmas - (front)

American Christmas music has been enriched by the influence of Jazz, Blues, Gospel and what came to be known as Rhythm and Blues in the 1940.  I have always loved R & B and some of the most memorable songs about Christmas come from the African American experience and the R & B genre.

R&B as it became known was what record labels marketed music by American American artists. It became popular with White Americans as well with audiences in Europe and the musical influence was felt in the early days of Rock and Roll as Elvis Presley’s musical style incorporated many facets of this rich tradition.

R&B Christmas music incorporated a good amount of faith found in Black Churches of the time as well as the reality of life including poverty, brokenness and loneliness.

Rather than listening to political commentary, news or sports lately I have been spending a…

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