The Province of Chance: The Battle of Midway, 5 Minutes that Changed the Course of a War

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,
Another day of doing more reading and getting ideas than writing this weekend. Again, since the anniversary of the Battle of Midway is coming up this week, here is another of my older articles about it. Have a great week.
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“War is the province of chance. In no other sphere of human activity must such a margin be left for this intruder. It increases the uncertainty of every circumstance and deranges the course of events.” Carl Von Clausewitz 

“Even against the greatest of odds, there is something in the human spirit – a magic blend of skill, faith, and valor – that can lift men from certain defeat to incredible victory.”  Walter Lord

Six months after Pearl Harbor the United States Navy met the Imperial Japanese Navy in battle on the seas and in the airspace around Midway Island. It was a battle between a fleet that had known nothing but victory in the months after Pearl Harbor and one with the exception of a few minor tactical successes was reeling.


The Japanese had swept across the Pacific and the Indian Oceans and decimated every Allied Naval forces that stood…

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