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The Painful Lessons of Looking in the Mirror of Social Media

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Nothing new tonight but I was thinking about something I wrote about a year and a half ago about the shameful way that some people demonize and try to destroy others that disagree with them on social media. What triggered this was a comment I got about last night’s article by someone in Texas, I know that because I googled his name and he is the only person in the United States with it, I do love google search, but I digress… Anyway in his comment which was all capitalized, which means that he must not have thought that I would hear him, I don’t hear well but still all caps is kind of rude. The man wrote in response to my journey “YOU CAN’T SERVE TWO MASTERS.” Of course he didn’t elaborate but I assume that he wasn’t insinuating Jesus and the Koch brothers or Ayn Rand. Since I try, often not very successfully to serve Jesus, being that I am a “Mendoza Line” Christian, meaning that my batting average as a Christian is about .200, just enough to keep in the league but not Hall of Fame material. Likewise I serve my country, which I have done for almost 33 years with no end yet in sight. I guess that does mean I serve two masters, but even then I doubt that is what my new buddy Graland from Burleson Texas meant either. I think that he was talking about the Devil, who I probably shook hands with at least once in my life. Anyway, I have had some times on social media where I have behaved pretty badly and thankfully, with rare exceptions I am able to refrain from getting nasty on social media. On those occasions I am reminded of my own faults, and sometimes looking in the mirror of social media isn’t fun. But anyway, I am off to the ball game tonight despite the heat index being near 100 degrees here in Hampton Roads. So have a great night, be safe and thanks for reading and putting up with me.
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I had an encounter this last weekend on a leading social media site. It was not pleasant and I waited for a couple of days to think, pray and meditate on what happen in the encounter before I decided to write about it.

It occurred on a page which is pretty popular and deals with military issues and the man that runs that page I enjoy very much. He frequently brings up very pertinent issues dealing with military issues, strategy and tactics, foreign policy and national security policy as well as social aspects of current military life.

I got involved in an debate, probably not the best thing to do because the debate had already degenerated into a pretty vicious cesspool of recriminations between pro and anti-gay rights supporters. The subject was the actions of the Officers Wives Club at Fort Bragg North Carolina to initially reject the entry of…

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