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An Introduction to D-Day and the Normandy Campaign

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Sorry but another re-run I mentioned that we are coming up on the anniversaries of both the Battle of Midway and the D-Day landings. Since I am continuing to do some other reading and research on my Gettysburg tome I have decided to re-post this rather lengthy article. Since I have done a couple of Midway posts this be at least the first of a few D-Day posts in the coming days.
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The author with Marines at Point du Hoc, Normandy in 2004

Every year about this time I try to write about D-Day. Last year I posted several articles as I had in 2009 as well.  This year I spent more time on the Battle of Midway writing three articles. Today I have been on the road much of the day and as I drove back to my Island Hermitage I began to think about what I wanted to do this year. When I have decided to do is to re-post a short research paper that I did for one of my Master’s degree courses tonight and follow it with some articles over the week on specific aspects and personalities of the campaign.  What I hope is that people that are not familiar with the campaign as well as those that are can use this as a portal to other resources…

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