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Raw Edges: Are there other Chaplains out there Like Me?

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I am actually writing something that should be posted later tonight. However, that being said in light of something that happened today I am compelled to re-post this article. It is one that a newspaper editor noticed in 2010 which brought about a front page story in the Jacksonville NC Daily News in April 2011which brought about a film interview with the DOD Real Warriors program, a contribution to David Wood’s Huffington Post series on Moral Injury and a front page story in the Washington Times this year.
What happened today was upsetting, I left work both hurt and angry do to the actions of a Chaplain who may or may not have realized what he did to provoke my reaction. I have to admit I am extraordinarily sensitive to sights by fellow clergy, real or perceived. So that being said I have to ask. Are there other Chaplains or clergy out there like me?
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Before a Convoy

The past week or so I have had to go back and revisit my Iraq experience. Part of this is due to work, we have had seminars on the spiritual and moral affects of trauma, the challenge of forgiveness and most recently discussing best spiritual care practices for those who suffer from PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  The training has been excellent but has kicked up a lot of stuff in me.  Added to this have been reports out of Afghanistan about more casualties in particular of a helicopter that crashed that killed 9 Americans, the Taliban claim credit for downing the aircraft but the circumstances are not fully known.

One of many helicopter flights, this a daylight flight in a Marine CH-46

The course last week on the spiritual and moral affect of trauma and the challenge of forgiveness brought up issues from Iraq but…

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