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Preparing for D-Day

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Tomorrow is the 70th anniversary of Operation Overlord, the Normandy Landings, or as we know them simply as “D-Day.” In honor of the men who planned and executed that operation I am reposting this article dealing with the preparation that went into that operation. Have a wonderful evening and please don’t forget what had to happen to defeat the tyranny of Naziism.
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The planning for the Normandy invasion began in earnest after the QUADRANT conference in Quebec in August 1943 and its timetable was established at the Tehran conference where Stalin sided with the Americans on the need for an invasion of France in the spring of 1944.[i] Prior to this there had been some planning by both the British and Americans for the eventual invasion initially named ROUNDUP including a large scale raid at Dieppe in 1942 which ended in disaster but which provided needed experience in what not to do in an amphibious assault on a heavily defended beach.   Dieppe also darkened the mood of the Allies, the British in particular to the success of such operations, bringing to mind the failed Gallipoli campaign of 1915 as well as the opposed landings at Salerno and the USMC experience at Tarawa.[ii] Despite this the Americans led by General Marshall…

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