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The Forgotten Hero: Brigadier General George Sears Greene at Culp’s Hill: Night of July 2nd and 3rd 1863

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Very busy day teaching and working with my ethics class, so the next new Gettysburg article is still in process. Since it is now July 2nd and the anniversary of the second day of battle at Gettysburg I didn’t want to write about anything else, even though I am planning to write about the recent Supreme Court decision and the ongoing situation in Iraq. So tonight I am re-publishing this article about a nearly forgotten hero of that battle, a man who Like Strong Vincent on Little Round Top helped save the Union at Culp’s Hill, where he helped by his actions bring about a new birth of freedom.
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220px-George_S._GreeneBrigadier General George Sears Greene

On the night of July 1st 1863 Dick Ewell’s Second Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of the Potomac on Cemetery and Culp’s Hill prepared for another day of battle. Despite a significant amount of success Lee’s Army had failed to drive the lead elements of the Army of the Potomac off of Cemetery Hill. As the evening progressed more Federal troops in the form of Henry Slocum’s XII Corps began to take up positions on Cemetery Hill as well as Culp’s Hill which Oliver Howard and Winfield Scott Hancock recognized to be vital to holding the Federal position.

The three brigades of Geary’s division entered the line to the east of Wadsworth’s division of I Corps along the northern and eastern face of Culp’s Hill. Key to the position was the placement of the brigade of Brigadier General George…

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