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An Evening at an All-Star Game

I was able to attend my first All Star Game tonight. I travelled with the Norfolk Tides fan club the Tidewatchers to Durham where we watched the all stars of the International League play the All Stars of the Pacific Coast League I the Triple A All Star game. 

It was a wonderful experience at a beautiful ball park. It was nice to be with friends from Harbor Park. Likewise it was nice to go to an away ball park of your division rival and be treated with absolute friendliness and hospitality. The Durham Bulls organization is amazing, first class all the way. They put on a fantastic show in the nicest Minor League ball park I have ever been to to see a game. The stadium and venue were amazing, the refreshment and beer prices very good for a ball park and as I said every person that I met, staff, vendors and fans were awesome. 

Since I am blogging from a bus I am going to sign off for the night.


Padre Steve+ 


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