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Muddling Through PTSD Recovery: A Chaplain’s Story of Return from War

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I was too tired to write anything new today, I started working to finish my latest chapter of my Gettysburg tome, but for whatever reason could not stay focused. Part may be due to the fact that I haven’t slept well this week. The past few weeks I have been reminded of Iraq almost every day, not only in the news, which seems always to be bad, but because the city has deployed a generator to a pumping station located just down the street from me. For those that did not serve in Iraq or Afghanistan this may not be a big deal, however big generators were and are ubiquitous and provide most of the power for our bases. The continues growl of the big motors that power them is something that you get used to when you are in theater, even small FOBs have them, silence is something that is hard to find. So when this recent adventure began it was unsettling to go out all hours of the day and night to the same sound that pervaded my Iraq experience everywhere I went, except in the small Bedouin camps. That produces some anxiety. So I figured I would re-post something I wrote about a year ago about my return from Iraq and my adventure muddling through life with PTSD. I hope that it is helpful to others going through this, or those who have to live with people like me.
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“Captain, you do need time. You cannot achieve complete recovery so quickly. And it’s perfectly normal after what you’ve been through, to spend a great deal of time trying to find yourself again” Counselor Troi to Captain Picard in Star Trek the Next Generation after his encounter with the Borg.

Coming home from war can be harder than going. At least it was for me. I have always been a hard charger. When I was at war in Iraq I was at the top of my game but when I came back I was broken. I experienced things there that changed me forever and it has taken a long time to find myself again.

I came home with chronic, severe PTSD, anxiety and depression. I suffer severe Tinnitus and pathetic speech comprehension. The ringing in my ears is non-stop and in any kind of group setting or conference I struggle…

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