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Days of Disastrous Decision Making: July 28th – August 4th 1914

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I am a bit tired after working up in my attic again this morning and though I started a new article I decided that it will have to wait. Likewise my next Gettysburg installment on the problem that Robert E Lee had in finding experienced and competent leaders for his army after Chancellorsville should be ready to post on Monday. I have been working on it this week quite a bit and hopefully it will be something that will peak your interest. Today I am re-publishing an article on the final days leading up to the outbreak of the First World War, something that was actually happening 100 years ago this week. Since we still are dealing with the consequences of the actions of the leaders of Europe it would be wise to look before we leap into any more wars.
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The Austrian Declaration of War against Serbia

“No one starts a war–or rather, no one in his senses ought to do so–without first being clear in his mind what he intends to achieve by that war and how he intends to conduct it.” Carl Von Clausewitz 

It was a war that should never have happened. It was a war for which the belligerent powers could boast many causes but for which few had any real objectives.

It was a war in large part brought on by a declining empire’s fears. Fear of neighbors, ethnic minorities and its place among regional and world powers led the leaders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to decide for war when the very unpopular heir to the throne Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo, the capital of the recently annexed province of Bosnia-Herzegovina on June 28th 1914.

Conrad von Hötzendorf: War was the only means…

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