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D-Day, Midway and a Nation at War: Thoughts on History as the Greatest Generation Passes Away

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As an introduction, and sort of as a meditation on the passing of the Greatest Generation on the anniversary of the Battle of Midway and D-Day I am re-posting this article from last year. I will have articles about Midway followed by D-Day in the next couple of days.


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d-day-orderDwight Eisenhower speaking with men of the 101st Airborne Division before they jumped into Normandy

“At the end of the twentieth century the contributions of this generation would be in bold print in any review of this turbulent and earth-altering time. It may be historically premature to judge the greatness of a whole generation, but indisputably, there are common traits that cannot be denied. It is a generation that, by and large, made no demands of homage from those who followed and prospered economically, politically, and culturally because of its sacrifices. It is a generation of towering achievement and modest demeanor, a legacy of their formative years when they were participants in and witness to sacrifices of the highest order. They know how many of the best of their generation didn’t make it to their early twenties, how many brilliant scientists, teachers, spiritual and business leaders, politicians and artists were…

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