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D-Day at 70 Years and Forever: Courage, Sacrifice and Reconciliation…

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It has been a busy but very productive day for me, but I have not had the opportunity to write an new article on either Midway or D-Day. So instead I am reposting something that I wrote last year.

For me both of these battles are very important for us to remember, not so much for the military minutia, something that I am very good at, but more importantly because the brave men who fought them are rapidly passing away. Their importance in defeating regimes that were based on the superiority of race, and which had subjected hundreds of millions of people in Europe and Asia to tyranny, including genocide, medical experimentation, and many other war crimes which beggar the imagination.

Thus, regardless of ones politics today, regardless of the misdeeds of the leaders of our own nation after the war in so many places, we should never casually dismiss the sacrifice of the men and women who stood against such tyranny. Men and women who are so rapidly passing into eternity.

As your take a few minutes to read this post about those men who went ashore in Normandy on June 6th 1994, please never forget the them, for they are and will likely forever remain, the Greatest Generation.


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d-day-opener1Omaha Beach

“We are on this Earth for only a moment in time.  And fewer of us have parents and grandparents to tell us about what the veterans of D-Day did here 70 years ago.  As I was landing on Marine One, I told my staff, I don’t think there’s a time where I miss my grandfather more, where I’d be more happy to have him here, than this day.  So we have to tell their stories for them.  We have to do our best to uphold in our own lives the values that they were prepared to die for.  We have to honor those who carry forward that legacy, recognizing that people cannot live in freedom unless free people are prepared to die for it.” President Barack Obama at the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings, June 6th 2014

Seventy years ago the liberation of France began on the…

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