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“They fight to liberate” Remembering the Men of D-Day at 70 Years

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Like yesterday today has been a very busy day and apart for being busy most of my time has been devoted to doing more work on my Gettysburg Text. Even so, with the Greatest Generation passing away I realized that last year I had written something that is still pertinent about D-Day and the men who fought, sacrificed and died to liberate the many millions suffering under Nazi rule.

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It is hard to believe now as we look at the serene beaches of Normandy that seventy years ago they were places of desperate combat in which hundreds of thousands of Allied and German soldiers, sailors, airmen and marine-commandos battled in a contest that helped free Europe of Nazi tyranny and changed the course of history.

Then they were young, most in their twenties, but some in their teens or thirties as well as a smattering of senior leaders or old career soldiers in their 40s and 50s. When I first began to read about and study the battle a good number were still alive, most about the same age as I am now. Today, their ranks thinning they are passing into history. When the 80th anniversary is celebrated, the few that remain will all be about 100 years old, and even now, the youngest of these men are…

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