No Sympathy for Sarah

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Over the past number of years I have had my life threatened by Nazis, White Supremacists, and supposedly Christian zealots. Likewise I had to the real threat to my freedom and career by a Trump supporter in my chapel who tried to have me tried by Court Martial because he disagreed with the administration’s policies on imprisoning children and separating the for their families and recalling from scripture, Christian tradition, and history the duty of Christians to confront evil policies. I was exonerated but I still have legal fees to pay.

Over the past week or so I have had a number of friends and acquaintances when learning of what I went through tell me how sorry they felt for White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I had to be blunt and tell them that I feel no sympathy for her. It surprised them.

I told them both that I had no sympathy for someone who works for and lies for the man who supports and encourages the people the very people who have threatened me in such dire ways. I have no sympathy for a person who uses her position to first and foremost blatantly lie on a daily basis.

If that wasn’t enough I have no sympathy for a person serving as the White House Press Secretary speaking against the rights to free speech, the freedom, of the press, and freedom of association guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Likewise, I have no sympathy for a person for a person who uses the position of White House Press Secretary to deride, mock, and impugn the integrity of journalists and to give aid and comfort to those who threaten the lives of those journalists.

Finally, I have no sympathy for any government official who when confronted about the actions of their boss which encourage violence against all opponents and give aid and comfort to those who have and will again commit violence by whining about how she has been disrespected.

I have no sympathy for this spawn of Mike Huckabee. She has enjoyed a life of privilege and power as the daughter of a powerful preacher who became a powerful politician and pundit.

She, like her father and her boss is a sociopath and narcissist. As such she has no capacity for empathy or receiving any kind of criticism. I do not believe that she is a good person for a good person with a good heart could not do what she is doing. To me she is no better that Joseph Goebbels. I believe that if she was ever given the kind of political and governmental power that Goebbels was given by Hitler that she would joyfully exercise it.

Thus, I have no sympathy for Sarah, even less than I have for her boss. She made the decision to serve him and has willingly carried out his desires with the energy of a Nazi propagandist.

Maybe if she grows a conscience and realizes the evil that she has steadfastly defended and encouraged and decides to speak the truth from the James Brady Press Room I might change my mind. But until she decides to honor her Christian faith and obey the Constitution I have no sympathy for Sarah, and neither should you. She has made her bed and one day she will have to answer for her actions.

So until tomorrow,


Padre Steve+


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8 responses to “No Sympathy for Sarah

  1. Agreed. No sympathy for Hucksterbee here either. She’s made her lying bed.

  2. maryplumbago

    Absolutely no sympathy for Sarah..only contempt. And I think a correction in your first paragraph.
    “Because he disagreed”….I think you meant “because I disagreed.”
    I sometimes wonder if this is why more liberal or moderate Christians don’t speak up against this hypocrisy…that they are afraid of that one far right loon that could cause trouble.
    But we must not let this stop us from speaking for the truth and decency! And I know you don’t. Good for you!

    • Jose Lugo

      Contempt is hatred. I’m not surprised that “padre” has a following of hateful people on his hateful blog. Shame on this so called “padre”.

      • padresteve

        And now you call the people who follow my blog “hateful?” Who do you think that you are. Get lost, no more of your comments will be allowed you malevolent troll.

  3. Jose Lugo

    Anyone who defends abortion is Satan’s hero and Hillary Clinton is your hero, you’re on Satan’s side too. Very Satanic of you “padre” (padre is a word is too big for you and you’re unworthy of it). Shame on you!

    • padresteve

      You totally don’t get this do you?This isn’t about abortion, not Hillary Clinton you moron. So take your troll comments elsewhere. This is about Nazis who threaten my life, people who try to destroy me and put me in jail because I preach against putting kids in cages and separating them from their parents.

      I allowed your hateful comment to show the kind of people who follow this President. Your understanding of being pro-life stops when a person is born. The post-born have no rights in your pathetic world. Get lost.

  4. maryplumbago

    Yes this person (or troll) makes the point very well for the miserable emptiness of a soul who follows trump. Pathetic!

  5. Carmen

    These are the very people I worry about. Just try to imagine their hatred, vindictiveness and nastiness if tRump gets impeached. And they all own guns. 😦 (plus, the US will have Pence at the helm – a dominionist.) The fact that so many of them wear the mantle of ‘Christian’ is a real head shaker.
    Keep posting! You are a good man, Padre.

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