Leader, Know Thyself

Stay in the military long enough, and you’ll gain rank. Rank comes with privileges and responsibilities. But it also comes with something else: …

Leader, Know Thyself

A great post from an Army National Guard Combat Engineer Officer. His blog, The Angry Staff Officer is well worth following.


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2 responses to “Leader, Know Thyself

  1. Ego… it’s such a huge obstacle to so many things.

    Steve, you must’ve been appalled by Trump’s photo op stunt Monday night. But, General Mattis’ statements today might have heartened you. It certainly heartened me.

    • padresteve

      I was appalled by Trump, but heartened by Mattis, Mullen, McRaven, Stavridis, Hertling, Dempsey and others who have
      Spoken out against this tyrant.

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