Selected for Promotion

I received great news today.  I got the call from work that I had been selected for promotion to the rank of Commander in the Navy Chaplain Corps.  I will be posting something about this tomorrow sometime and will also be catching up on my Tides and Orioles news, of which there has been a bunch of.  I had a long and demanding overnight on Monday dealing with number of different issues that kept me up late into the night.  I thank everyone that has been praying for me, encouraging me and caring for me over the years. To my friends that were selected as well I offer my congratulations and to those that did not get selected I offer my support and prayers.  I know many over the years that  have been outstanding officers that were not selected, many for reasons that I cannot fathom to this day and know the pain, isolation and stigma of those that did not get selected is difficult even for the most optimistic.  While I rejoice with those that rejoice I cannot forget those that have served faithfully and honorably that were not selected.

Anyway, tomorrow I shall start catching up. These is much work to be done at work before I take some leave beginning the end of the week. Tonight Judy and I went to Harbor Park where the Tides beat the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs 9-2.  I have a lot of great pictures from this that will show up on this site when I get around to them.

Blessings my friends and peace<

Padre Steve+


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4 responses to “Selected for Promotion

  1. Steve+ Great News! Congratulations!

    And just think, I know you when you were just a Lieutenant. My, how time flies.


  2. Isn’t that like making PFC in the Army? Just kidding, I was wondering by, good job, Bernie/SBL

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