The Ships of Pearl Harbor: A Comprehensive List with Short Histories of Each Ship

Since the anniversary of Pearl Harbor is approaching I am re-posting an article that is more of a reference for those seeking information on the US Navy that were at Pearl Harbor the morning of the Japanese attack. Admittedly this is something that is of interest to history junkies but still it is interesting in an era where many people have little to no knowledge of the events of that day which will live in infamy.
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Last year I wrote a piece called The Battleships of Pearl Harbor. I followed that with an article this year entitled “Forgotten on the Far Side of Ford Island: The USS Utah, USS Raleigh, USS Detroit and USS Tangier. Of course most anyone that has see either Tora! Tora! Tora! Or Pearl Harbor is acquainted with the attack on “Battleship Row” and the airfields on Oahu.  What are often overlooked in many accounts are the stories of some of the lesser known ships that played key roles or were damaged in the attack.  Since none of the articles that I have seen have discussed all of the U.S. Navy ships at Pearl Harbor on that fateful morning I have taken the time to list all the ships with the exception of yard and patrol craft present at Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941.  I have also excluded Coast…

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