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A Difference of Degree: Thoughts on Discimination and Xenophobia

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I have been thinking about the recent “Free Speech” demonstration by a bunch of White Supremacist, Neo-Nazi Biker thugs outside a Mosque in Phoenix Arizona last Friday. To me the event seemed to be designed to elicit a violent response, which thankfully due to the efforts of a wide range of people, Christians, Moslems, Jews and others did not happen. Instead the heavily armed thugs, many of who were dressed for combat did not get the blood in the streets that they desired, which they would then blame on the people that they were attempting to provoke to violence.

I will write more about this and other actions like it relatively soon, but today has been busy and I was thinking about something that I wrote last year.

Sadly, this behavior is not without precedent in this country and in Europe and it seems that those who promote it and defend it are either ignorant of history or they do not care. I think that it is a combination of both.
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“The segregation laws in your country and the anti-Semitic laws in mine, are they not just a difference of degree? Herman Goering (Brian Cox) to Captain Gustave Gilbert (Matt Craven) in the Miniseries “Nuremberg

Today a rather short post as I had a rough night sleeping and in the midst of a nightmare screamed and threw a body block into the bookcase that serves as my nightstand. You will be happy to know that though I woke up my wife, my trusty dog slept comfortably through the episode. But I digress….

Tonight I am taking a break from writing about the rise of the Islamic State and our war against it. Instead I am going back to a favorite subject of mine; that of civil rights and liberties. I find it strange that there are a host of people, mostly on the political…

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