The Pope’s moral crusade: Climate change is abolitionism of the 21st century.

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This is the second of the articles written by other bloggers that I am posting today. In fact for me this is very unusual as I can count on one hand the number of articles by others that I have posted here.

Sean Munger is a University Professor and author. I got to know him because he followed me on Twitter and then I found out that he was the brother in law of Reverend Guido who is a friend of my dear friend Chaplain Vince. Yes I know it is a tangled web, but Sean is a brilliant and gifted man and like Mr. Militant Negro he often shares my writings either on Twitter or his own site.

He let me know about this article before he published it because he was referencing some of my work on the abolitionists who toiled for emancipation when it was not popular. Sean makes an interesting point that the encyclical of Pope Francis on Climate Change is very much the same sort of crusade as faced by the abolitionists, and not merely in the American South.

Just like the abolitionists those that labor for a more progressive attitude toward our environment and who point out the real dangers of man made climate change are unpopular. The are opposed by the businesses that profit, by media and lobbyists who deny it, and by religious people who really don’t care because for them the whole concept of caring for the earth is somehow pagan and since the apocalypse is coming soon why bother.

I recommend Sean’s blog as he writes about politics, sociology, culture, religion and literature with great flair.

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pope and abolition

Today, a historic event occurred: Pope Francis officially released the Vatican’s Encyclical addressing climate change and social justice in religious, ethical and moral terms. This document, one of the most sweeping issued by the Vatican in its recent history, officially commits the Catholic Church to fighting manmade climate change as a religious mandate. The Pope has also set out the Biblical basis for reversing climate change–the argument being that God entrusted the Earth to humans for its conservation and stewardship, and that rapacious exploitation of it is a moral evil. It’s not just the Pope saying this. Many other religious leaders across the world are lending their voices to his chorus. For example, over 300 Jewish rabbis, from every denomination of Judaism, have signed a letter expressing basically the same thing. This is historic because it’s the first time one of the largest and most important institutions on planet…

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words Steve. I’m not a professor yet, but finishing up my Ph.D. this coming year, so hopefully I will be soon! I teach as a graduate teaching fellow, but this summer I will also be teaching my own class about climate change in history. I hope publicizing the issues of climate change helps people decide that they need to be on the forefront of trying to defeat it.

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