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What I’m Thankful for this Year

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I my opinion the secular holiday of Thanksgiving is incredibly important in terms of spiritual or emotional health, for that matter maybe even physical health unless you choke on a turkey leg.

While there are a lot of things to be deeply concerned about in our country and the world there are still many things to be thankful for, and today I am expressly staying away for anything political, not that there is much to be thankful for me there anyway, but I digress…

First of all I am thankful for my wonderful, talented, and extremely patient wife Judy who has remained married to me despite how incredibly inept I remain at the art of marriage.

Second I am thankful for my three Papillon dogs, Minnie the Scule, Izzy the Belle, and Pierre. Honestly there is nothing like having three puppies who even when everything else goes to shit still love and comfort you. Minnie is my brat, she channels my inner delinquent and I reciprocate. Pierre is daddy’s boy. I haven’t had a boy puppy since I was a kid. Despite being a mere 4.8 pounds Pierre fills the room with his presence and is all boy. Then there is Izzy, or Miss Iz. She is amazing. She is my emotional support so many times. She can read my moods better than anyone except Judy and I am going to talk with my shrink about getting her certified as my emotional support dog.

Third there is my little brother Jeff, the mature one who has taken on the task of dealing with my dear mom in all of her craziness, up close and personal. Of course I love and appreciate her too when she is talking to me which she hasn’t since I shared a Doctor Pimple Popper MD video with her by email over a month ago. Mom, if your reading this I am not so traumatized by your popping my pimples when I was a kid not to have a morbid fascination watching Dr. Pimple Popper’s work. Honestly I can’t stop watching her videos, even at dinner. So I love you mom and believe it or not I’m thankful for you, which since I’m including this in my thanks to Jeff I am still thankful for you.

Fourth I am thankful for my staff at the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek Fort Story Chapel who are simply the best and an amazing group of people to share what I expect my last tour in the Navy before I retire in 2020 or 2021. Since I have been passed over for promotion twice and don’t think I have a bats chance in hell of getting promoted I am okay with that, but if by some chance that happens I do promise to be a total pain in the ass to the system that I am now, after all I’ve got the PTSD stigma and possibly the Mad Cow since I can’t give blood because of living in Europe in the 1980s and 1990s. So to Chaplains Amanda Lurer, Dave Peterson, Charlie Mallie, and John Potter, thank you. To my enlisted staff, Chief Petty Officer Tisha Draper, First Class Petty Officers Tiara Spearman, Ralph Oliver, Second Class Petty Officers Melissa Mason, Doug Grap, and Joseph Edwards, thank you. You are the best.

Next are my friends, both my local friends and the people who I went to school, church, worked with, or served with in the military who still remain my friends through thick and thin I love all you guys. Even the people who have dropped me from their Facebook friends lists.

To my readers who now number some 700 subscribers to my website and the other whose readership and kind words mean so much to me.

Finally to steal a line from so many sports figures when they win a championship I am thankful to my Lord and Savor Jesus Christ, even if he is no help with the curveball.

So I am thankful for all of you and wish you the best of Thanksgivings.


Padre Steve+

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