The Revenge of Wun Hung Lo: Never Violate Your Personal Prime Directive

Friends of Padre Steve’s world,

After a really long day Sunday working in the house, ripping up carpet and moving furniture I was tired. We had to sleep in the couches in the living room since the bedroom was in a state of disarray. About midnight I got hungry. I rummaged around the fridge and since there was little else there found a leftover egg roll from the Chinese takeout place that Judy likes and some sweet and sour sauce. I have appropriated the nickname given to a Chinese takeout place in our home town by her late father as my nickname for this place: Wun Hung Lo.

Now, honestly I never eat Chinese food. If i pick up take out for her I walk a couple of doors down to my favorite Mexican restaurant to get me something. My aversion to Chinese food goes way back to my high school graduation banquet when a spider crawled out from the inside of the pot of my Green Tea. At that point I made the decision that if I could see a spider crawling out of my tea that I couldn’t trust what might be in the food that was not so clear.

Judy has always considered that to be a bit extreme but when we lived in Huntington, West Virginia here favorite Chinese place there, the Happy Dragon by the health department because the chicken was actually cat. As I noted, “the cat’s in the ladle with the silver spoon.” Judy’s response was “tastes like chicken.”

Needless to say this phobia of mine was still in place, but since we didn’t have much else to eat having been so busy that we didn’t make a grocery run for over a week, I asked myself, “it’s only an egg roll, what could happen?”

I tell you what happened. About 6:00 A.M. I was dashing to the the great white throne to hurl the offending egg roll remnants and the still recognizable sweet and sour sauce into the pristine basin of my new toilet in our freshly renovated bathroom. I pain for violating my personal Prime Directive. I paid all morning for it until I passed out on the recliner until about 7:30 P.M.

While I was crashing and burning my dear friend Bill Quinn came to the house and finished installing the flooring and in our bedroom. Good friends are rare and the work he did would have taken me twice or three times as long and not looked professional at all.

Anyway. I finally held down some chicken noodle soup about 8:00 P.M. I have been drinking Gatorade and water most of the day. I’m still not feeling very good and I’m going to take the morning off from work before checking in during the afternoon on the way to a doctors appointment on base.

I could write more and certainly in more descriptive language, but I am really tired and it would probably gross you out. So I will schedule this to post just after midnight by which time I hope to be asleep.

However, I tell you the truth. I have learned my lesson at the hands of Wun Hung Lo, and after having looked at common ingredients found in egg rolls I can only say, nevermore.

Until tomorrow,


Padre Steve+

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One response to “The Revenge of Wun Hung Lo: Never Violate Your Personal Prime Directive

  1. I hope that you have fully recovered.
    Back in the 90’s a Chinese restaurant in Bellwood, IL was closed by the health department because it was serving cat. I never eat chicken or beef from a Chinese restaurant. The most I do is vegetable fried rice and I have them hold the MSG.

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